Why Study in UK?

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Why Study in UK?

International students head to Britain for a quality education. Studying in the UK offers the chance to experience another culture, perfect your language skills and gain an internationally recognised qualification.

The UK has grown to become one of the top destinations to study abroad.Choosing to study abroad may seem daunting but it’s a fantastic way of broadening your horizons and boosting your career potential. The UK welcomes over 300,000international students from 180 different countries, providing a vibrant and cost-effective environment in which to live and study. You’ll gain world-class qualifications, a brighter future and a student experience you will never forget!

With traditions of excellence dating back hundreds of years, the United Kingdom has much to offer international studentsthat other English-speaking countries cannot offer.

what makes the United Kingdom stand out?

International students have always been an important presence in the UK, and the numbers have been growing steadily.The UK is the second most popular destination for international students, behind the US.The UK has worked hard to capitalize on the growing demand for English-language instruction and the post-9/11 visa hurdles in the US.

Britain has long enjoyed a widely envied reputation for providing outstanding further and higher education opportunities not just for its own citizens but for the commonwealth and the world community. British educational qualifications are probably more universally trusted and respected than those of any other country.

Why should you come to the UK as a destination to further your international education?

Worldwide Recognition: The degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class. The standard of excellence is set by some of the older universities with recognizable names, like Oxford and Cambridge, but the tradition carries through to many of the universities and colleges throughout the UK. When looking for work in the future, this can be a great selling point in your favour!

Education Costs are Lower: The cost of education for an international student in the UK can be lower compared to theUSA and other countries.The cost of education in U.K. is between £6500-8500 for Undergraduate Courses and between £8000-10000 for Post-Graduate Courses.You can also save a lot of money because your degree will generally take less time to complete in the UK than in other countries. Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in the UK require a three-year course and a masters program is typically between one and two years. When you consider the shorter time frame, the cost will be much lower if you only have to plan for three years instead of four or even five as in many other countries.

Work Opportunities: An international student in the UK is typically allowed to work up to 10 or 20 hours a week during term, and up to full-time when school is out of term.

Scholarships/ Loans: Financing an international education is always difficult. The best approach includes lots of preparation, careful analysis of your budget, and hard work in researching and applying for scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships and loans available to students who wish to study in the UK.

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