How and when to re-apply

Don’t wait – re-apply for your student finance from early 2013 to make sure you have your money when you return to your course.
You can do this at for student finance is easy:
•  If you applied for finance that doesn’t depend on your household income, you’ll simply need to sign and return the form we send you along with your Student Finance Entitlement letter.
•  If you applied for finance that does depend on your household income, you should reapply by filling in a short application online at We’ll then send you your Student Finance Entitlement letter along with a declaration form which you must sign and return to us as soon as possible.
•  If you applied for Disabled Students’ Allowances when you filled in your main application for student finance, you won’t
have to apply for them again if you stated on your main application that you want to keep getting them. • Remember to register at your university or college. We can’t pay you until you do! If you’re a continuing student applying for student finance for the first time, you can do this onlineat from early 2013. Before you start your online application, make sure you have the following to hand.

•  Your passport
•  Details of your university and course
•  Your bank details
•  Your National Insurance number
•  Your parents’ or partner’s details, including
their National Insurance number and income(if you’re applying for finance that depends on your household income)

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