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10-15% rise in students going abroad for education

INDORE: Campuses in the West have for long been attracting youth in India and Indoreans too are in the race. While studying in famous institutes of US is still a dream of many since past several years, better opportunities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand are attracting youth for the last couple of years. In the last five years, there is a rise of 200-250 students moving abroad.

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500 bogus colleges close in UK in 18 months, Britain is still a viable option

LONDON: British immigration authorities have closed down an estimated 500 bogus colleges operating in the country over the last 18 months, affecting a number of students from abroad, including from India.

However, top officials in the education sector insist that for genuine and legitimate students, Britain is still a viable option and Indians still account for the second highest number of non-EU students in the country.
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