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Globe trotter: Emerging destinations overseas

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Astaggering six billion rupees is spent annually by Indian students studying abroad, which is almost twice the annual budget spent on education by the government. For decades Indian students preferred the US, UK and Australia for higher education . However, the tightening of rules and low economic opportunities in these traditional destinations have opened options, enticing Indian students to look at institutes in Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore. Courses in professional disciplines such as engineering and IT are still the most sought-after , as they are seen to be the most employable.

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Scholarship in Top Ranked Universities

Graduates in Cap and Gown

JET Education offers great value to its students by offering Scholarship up to 3000 GBP.  It is seen as important as it affects living standards (e.g. malnutrition and poverty) and productivity levels. Thus dealing with the issue of prosperity also means dealing with poverty