Abouts Jet Education

JET Education was  incorporated in UK with aim to provide assistance for students on College/University admissions and offering career counseling and immigration and visa assistance services. For more than 7 years the company operated as regional office for London School of Accountancy and Management, managing the network of more than 100 representatives in India, particularly in Mumbai and Gujarat.

Experience: We are proud that during our successful work, Jet education has assisted more than 3000 students in choosing the right direction in their lives.

Our Specialty, finding Budget Courses
: Our specialization is to guide students on how to select courses, which might be low on fees but are recognized in that particular country. At the same time ensuring that these courses provide good career prospects as well. Overseas Education may start from as low as 1.5 lac rupees for UK …

We Transform Dreams into Realities.  So Dream it, Achieve It .
JET Education Ltd. is Company registered in England & Wales no. 07267651.